Our Practice

Service Statement

We provide analysis and case support on the financial issues encountered in divorce. We are a team that brings a comprehensive pool of knowledge and expertise; uniquely positioning us as specialists to the family law community and their clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

East Bay CDFA  Consulting Firm

Our Vision

With expertise in the areas of both accountancy and personal finance, Our firm provides an integrated approach to discovery and evaluation of the financial issues involved in divorce.

We offer assistance in financial matters ranging from uncovering and valuing complex assets to post-divorce financial guidance and planning. We can help you to take control of your finances and plan for the future. We will work closely with you or your attorney during every step of the process, and we will support your attorney with financial information and strategies that will facilitate an equitable settlement.

Our vision is to become the premier consulting and advisory group trusted by attorneys and their clients in the Bay Area. 

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Nicholas Ventimiglio, CDFA®, WMS®, BFA™

Co-founder, Partner

Nicholas Ventimiglio brings over eighteen years experience to the firm in the areas of personal financial planning and asset analysis. 

He obtained his Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) designation in 2009 and has since that time held a private practice in San Ramon before joining the firm in 2020. 

Nick was a graduate of California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Before starting his independent practice, Nick was an associate at  MML Investor Services in Walnut Creek. Additionally, he has worked with such companies as Merrill Lynch Private Clientele Group, and California Financial Advisors. He is past president of the Diablo View Rotary Club and believes strongly in the utilization of wealth and success for charitable purposes. 

Email : nick(at)eastbaycdfa.com   Ph: 844-434-6435

Our Associates

We understand the challenges that lie ahead and are here to help you adjust course. 

Our Process

1. Investigation

At the onset of our process we evaluate your current situation; ascertaining each financial issue that needs clarity. This process is known as Discovery within the process of Family Law.  At this stage we gather and review data that are essential to our analysis. 

We a take personalized & goal-driven approach to our Investigation. Many factors are considered during our examination including the community and separate financial resources, family considerations, the current economic environment, and tax issues.