01. Financial Analysis

Accurate financial information and dependable research are vital to reaching an equitable settlement. We will work with you and your legal team to help you achieve a fair, financially equitable marital settlement. We provide a wide range of analytic services which aid in the discovery and strategy processes. While our work product is always tailored to the needs of the case, we are most commonly used for:  

Forensic Tracings 


A tracing is an investigation of hidden assets tracked through financial records and tax reporting. It is a process most often used to identify the value of separate property which was commingled with community assets or for the tabulation of reimbursements for the misuse of community funds after the date of separation.

Financial Projections


When multiple settlement options are available to you, we can construct a detailed financial projection which will show the effect of each settlement option on your long term cash flow and net worth. These reports allow you to choose a settlement based on it's financial soundness and feasibility instead letting emotion dictate your decision. 

Asset Trade-off Assessments


All two often divorcing couples wish to split the value of community estate without specifically dividing each asset equally. Each spouse may be willing to trade the value of one asset for another which holds more personal value. For example one spouse may want to keep the family residence so as not to displace themselves or their children from the community they have developed during the marriage. As an offset that spouse may reduce or relinquish their interest in an investment account or retirement plan. We can assess the value of assets from both a post and pre-tax basis to determine a financially balanced trade-off of assets which do not hold the indentical tax treatment or liquidity characteristics. 

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