04. Post Divorce Planning

Divorce can be very stressful. Your marriage was an important part of your life, and held dreams and hopes that may be unfulfilled. We are here to help you build your new life.

Many challenges lie ahead. You and your spouse may have assets that are complex or even hidden. Tax and property issues can seem daunting. You may have children, and you care about their financial security as well as your own. You want to emerge from your divorce with a sensible financial plan that helps you move forward. We can help you to take control of your finances and plan for the future. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning


Our firm's approach is built on the philosophy that wealth should be aligned in such a way that it enables your life and changes with it; not the other way around. We a take personalized goal-driven approach to planning. Many factors are considered including your financial resources, family considerations, the investment environment, tax issues, and your risk tolerance for making financial decisions. We then take this information and establish an ongoing process where we: 

  • Evaluate your current situation

  • Embrace change as it occurs

  • Clarify your goals by time frame and priority

  • Identify actions and strategies needed to reach those goals

The result is a completely objective and personalized financial plan that is both clearly defined and flexible. A plan that embraces your transition, focuses on your vision, and confidently moves your forward.

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