02. Valuations

Accurate financial information and dependable research are vital to reaching an equitable settlement. We will work with you and your legal team to help you achieve a fair, financially equitable marital settlement. We provide a wide range of asset valuations for utilizing during the discovery and strategy processes. While our work product is always tailored to the needs of the case, we are most commonly used for:  

Deferred Compensation Plan Valuations 


Deferred Compensation Plans are most commonly known as 401(k)/401(a) plans by for profit companies, 457 plans by state and government groups, and 403(b) plans by schools and non-profit organizations. These plans provide tax-advantaged contributions, tax-deferred growth, and special distribution rules in retirement. Our valuation reports for these plans provide a detailed schedule of contributions, earnings, and withdrawals; accompanied by both numeric and graphical demonstrations of the community and separate interests (if any) incorporated in the plan. 

Defined Benefit Plan Valuations


Defined Benefit Plans are most commonly referred to as a retirement pension.  They offer the participant a future guaranteed monthly benefit at retirement that extends through the participant's lifetime. Often these plans provide a survivor continuation benefit of the pension payments. Our valuation reports for these plans provide a detailed schedule of accruals and projected future benefits. Our valuation assessment considers both employee and employer contributions, offsets for survivor benefits, and mortality factors. These reports are most often used when one party is considering a buyout of his/her community share in this future benefit. 

Equity Award Compensation Arrangements (Options, RSUs, ESPPs, ESOPs 


A growing form of non-cash compensation to employees are what are commonly known as equity awards. These awards most often come in the form of incentive stock options (ISOs), non-qualified stocks options (NQSOs), restricted stock units (RSUs), employee stock purchase programs (ESPPs), and employee stock option plans (ESOPs). Our valuation reports for these awards provide a detailed schedule of all awards, each vesting tranche, the vested values, and unvested values available under the community's interest and the working spouse's separate interest.  

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